Post and Rail Fencing.

post and rail farm fence
front post and rail fencing
driveway fencing
post and rail join

Round post and rail fencing.

Square post and rail front fencing.

Driveway Round post and hardwood rail fencing.

Close up view of joins on round

post and rail fencing.

post and rail round-square fencing

Round post and hardwood rail fencing.

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Post and rail fencing is most commonly used on horse properties as it is a safe and highly visible form of fencing that looks great. It is also commonly used around homes and drive ways as a focal point and to enhance the look of your property. There are many options to choose from when considering post and rail fencing, how many rails do you require to keep your stock in or how many will look the best, the distance between posts, whether you use timber, plastic or concrete, if you use timber which would you use, red gum, pine, cypress etc.

We can help you explore all your options and come to a decision on which post and rail fencing option will fit your budget, look great on your property and contain your stock effectively and safely. We use only the best products to construct your post and rail fence so that you know that you will get the longest life out of your fence. Call us today so we can discuss your post and rail fencing requirements!

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