Plain Wire Fencing.

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Plain wire through post fence.

Round post and rail fencing with plain wire.

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Plain wire fencing is an affordable fencing option that is safe and strong. Used with a wire mesh or alone it will keep stock contained, deter trespassers and is an effective way of defining your boundaries. There are more than one option when choosing plain wire, there is high tensile, medium tensile, galvanized, zinc aluminium, coated, nylon as well as Plasteel mono black wire. Both the zinc and galvanised wire are 2.5mm thick and come in both medium and high tensile, medium tensile being easier to bend and high tensile being less malleable but and be strained tighter.

PVC coated horse wire has a 3mm wire coated with 1mm of PVC, this is ideal for horses, usually at least one strand of PVC coated horse sita wire used when constructing fences to contain horses. The sita wire will make the fence more visible for you horses meaning less chance entanglement. Nylon wire is 4mm thick and is much like the PVC coated sita wire, however it will give and stretch if you horse happens to run in to it causing less injury to your horse. Plasteel mono black wire is not steel but monofilament but is as strong as steel. It can be tied like gal fencing wire but like the nylon wire it will stretch and is not as harsh on your horse’s limbs.

Rural Farm Fencing can help you choose which wire suites your needs then erect a quality fence using the wire chosen by you.

Barb wire is widely used in all fencing situation, used on boundary fences it will give you the piece of mind that your livestock till be safe and secure very unlikely to escape. Used in security fences it will deter intruders from entering your property. Unlike electric fencing it will always deter stock from touching the fence where is electric fences require regular maintenance and must be checked on a regular basis to ensure it on and stock don’t push on fence or get out. Barb wire is not always an option, not advisable to use it around horses or kids as it can be dangerous. In the right situation barb wire is great and will make a great stock proof fence. We at Rural Farm Fencing can advise you on where barb wire would work with your property and can install it professionally.

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